1. Do you know how staggered the start/finish times will be Will it be all children in one 15 person bubble going in at one time?

We will have a drop off window 8.30-9.30 for all children – asking non working families to work towards the end of the drop off window. Two metre distancing will be promoted at these times and there will be a one way system around school. This will be the same at end of day with a pick up window between 2.45- 3.45, asking non working parents to use the earlier part of the window.


2. Are the children allowed outside play with their bubble group?



3. My child has been in school as a child of a critical worker. Can they go back and be with their normal year group?

Yes, all children from the identified year groups will be back in normal year group bubbles.


4. Is it the case children in reception will sit at a single desk on their own and they are not allowed learning resources or toys and no displays on the wall.

Once in a class ‘bubble’, children will not be ‘tied’ to their desks at all, especially within EYFS as we don’t have desks for them all anyway. They will have resources and we will have displays.
5. Can siblings come with parents to drop off and pick up?
We understand siblings cannot be left at home alone for drop off and pick up times. We ask if siblings can stay at home they should but they are able to come if there is no alternative.
6. Can year 6 children go into and leave school on their own or must an adult accompany them?
Children in Year 6 can come and leave school without an adult if the adult feels this is safe for them to do so. You may wish to consider how you protect them from the action of others with regards to social distancing.
7. Could they come into school for a shorter day and leave at for example lunch time or must they attend all day every day?
We ask that children attend full time as lessons will build on prior learn as it does normally so missing ‘chunks’ of learning will impact on them.
8. If a child’s  parent is a key worker are the pick up times still the same or is a 4.30 pick up still possible?
Pick up times are the same for everyone from June 1st – the pick up window will be 2.45-3.45. We are unable to offer wrap around care or extended provision due to ‘bubble’ restrictions. If the guidance changes we will reintroduce as soon as possible. 3.45 is latest pick up time.
9. If we choose to keep our children off school once the limitations are lifted but then work requires us to return will we then be able to return our child to school at a later date if needed??
Yes – all year groups identified by the government have a right to return to school if their parent wishes them to do so.
10.Will the children be doing formal learning in school or will it be a facilitated learning of home learning packs?
Provision in school will return to as near ‘normal’ as possible. Children will be assessed in a range of areas and provision will be planned and delivered to try and meet need, especially for addressing gaps in basic skills.
11. Will we get still forms to complete each week for critical worker children as previously? As we will need to use this for some weeks now schools are going back. How do we book them in?
Booking forms will still be sent out on Parent Mail
12. If other year groups do return later in June; will those children who have been attending as part of key worker provision, be able to return to their normal year group?
This is unknown as yet but current guidance states children will return to their year group so it would probably be the same – but until it is stated it can not be confirmed.
13. Will children be able to leave bikes/ scooter at school ?
14. Will siblings see each other at school or not ?
Not to interact as sessions will be staggered to reduce social contact.
15.Will reading books need to be brought back to school ?
16.Will we need to book a drop off/pick up time slot?
No, we just ask that you distance from others while on site.
17. What will transition look like for Reception children?
We do not know yet. Plans are in pace for some ‘virtual’ contacts but while we are unable to invite other children into school or visit home we are unable to plan this. We do have some nice ideas to ‘bridge’ the gap as best we can so keep an eye out 🙂