Florence Nightingale Projects!

Last term the children learnt about the real life superhero Florence Nightingale. The children really enjoyed learning about her work during the Crimean War and were interested to learn how she had made a positive impact on hospital conditions today. Teachers set the children a homework task to create a project based on her life. The efforts and outcomes of these projects were amazing! The Key Stage One teachers were blown away by the amazing projects that they received. Some children made their own lamps, others created PowerPoint’s on the computer, and some made models and drew pictures, whilst some children made the most wonderful booklets. It was clear and evident that the children all took great care and made masses of effort to create these wonderful projects. Take at a look at a small sample. The rest will be displayed in classrooms and in the ICT suite.

IMG_1501    IMG_1502     IMG_1505              IMG_1503    IMG_1504    IMG_1506 IMG_1508    IMG_1509    IMG_1511 IMG_1512    IMG_1514

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