Anti-Bullying Week takes place in England from November 16th to the 20th this year. This nationwide event is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and is intended to raise awareness of the issue of bullying among children, especially in schools. Children of all ages as well as parents and children are encouraged to get involved in the event and take part in activities that will help to shine a light on the problem of bullying and ways to help resolve the issue. As you know the effects of bullying can have a massive impact on all individuals, whether that is at school, work, college or socially. Anti bullying week is a great way to get involved, take a stand against bullying and raise awareness in your school, college or organisation. Bullying doesn’t just affect children but adults too


Parents, carers and teachers are being asked to play an active role in preventing bullying, and the main focus this time around is demonstrating different ways to support young people and provide an open platform for them to talk about any issues they have with bullying. The main role that carers, teachers and parents  can provide is creating a safe environment where young people and children  can feel like they are able to talk about their feelings and problems and will receive support.


Anti- Bullying Week 2020 Official Website


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