On Friday 13th November Explorers and Young Explorers dressed as superheroes or in non uniform to raise money for Children in Need. After assembly we were all surprised when an envelope was posted into our classrooms. When we opened it we were shocked to discover it was from the Joker and even more shocking he had kidnapped Pudsey Bear and sent us a picture of him trapped. Luckily, the Joker had sent us challenges to see if we were good enough superheroes to find him. We got straight to work making a super hero cape, a trap to catch the joker and a wanted poster to help people to find Pudsey. We also thought about what our super hero power would be such as X-ray vision, being invisible or the ability to freeze people. In the learning garden Miss Gilliatt set us physical challenges as part of a superhero training camp and we had to test our strength and speed. Once we completed our challenges we all went in search of Pudsey and eventually found him trapped behind two bookshelves in the library, we were so relieved! Soon after we got another letter from the Joker who was so disappointed that we had defeated him that he fled from Saxilby school in fear.
We all had an amazing day raising money for charity and rescuing Pudsey bear!

IMG_1321 IMG_1322

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