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This week we have been learning about being healthy. The children have learnt that healthy living means eating healthy, taking exercise being happy.  They have learnt that we can eat some unhealthy food sometimes but that mostly our food should be healthy.  The children have been practising physical skills in the garden and the reception children have made healthy eating posters.  On Thursday Mrs Brown the dentist came to talk to the children about looking after their teeth.  They learnt that they had to brush their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes and some children practised brushing Mrs Brown’s giant false teeth while other children timed them.  They sorted foods into sad and happy food for teeth and learnt that they should only eat sugary foods at meal times.  Mrs Brown brought her lion puppet and the children took turns to examine his teeth with the special dentist mirror.  At the end of the week the children took part in walking and running around the playground as a Sports Relief challenge.  The older children walked and ran with them.

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I practise Foot ball with  my mum to be  healthy. – Oscar-Ryan HopKins-Smith.

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