Governor Attendance

School Governors are expected to attend all governing body meetings and also be a member on at least one of its two standing committees. In addition, governors conduct monitoring visits on a termly basis and participate in a wide variety of school activities and events.
The link below provides information on the level of governor attendance at meetings during the 2022-23 school year. Even when a member is unavailable to attend a meeting they will often send their comments to the Chair or Clerk prior to the meeting, thus ensuring that they can still contribute to the debate.

Governor Attendance 2022-23

Governors’ Interests

Other than the Headteacher and the Diocesan representative, all members serve a four year term of office. The governing body has recently introduced the role of associate member. These are individuals with specialist knowledge, skills and experience who serve on committees. To ensure that there are no pecuniary or other interests influencing the decisions of the governing body, all members are asked to declare, on an annual basis and meeting basis, such interests. In addition, we have a Governors Code of Conduct which all governors are expected to sign on an annual basis.

The link below provides information on governors’ interests.

Declaration of Interests 2023-24

Declaration of Interests 2022-23

Code of Conduct