Curriculum Continuity Year 3 & 4

General Advice


– If using a screen, please do not use for a prolonged period of time.
Use for 20 minutes than have a rest for 10 minutes before returning to a screen. Use your
timetable to help you mix screen activities with ‘doing’ activities.


– Keep reading a variety of books. Can you complete the reading challenge?
Reading 20 books in 2020.Can you complete a reading review once you have read the
books? Can you complete a reading comprehension in your pack?


– Access Purple mash learning platform and Classroom Secrets learning
Platform. You will see a variety of grammar activities for you to complete.
Access Spelling Shed for spelling activities. You have Y3/4 words to learn and write into
sentences. Complete a word search or crossword. Create your own word-search.
In your pack, you have a story to write. Can you write instructions for creating a mini lava
lamp and making a sailing boat in your packs?
Write up your science experiment – making an egg parachute? Can you make sure the egg
does not break.
Create a poster about your favourite sport and explain what the rules of your favourite
sport are. How do you play it? Create a poster about your favourite sports-person.
Create your own sports game. Write instructions how to play the game.
Create your own invention machine (like the shirt machine) Explain how it works and
what it creates.


Times table Rock Stars Learning Platform. Learn your times tables and challenge each
other. Complete Mathletics activities that have been set for you.
Complete times table and division challenges and time yourselves.
Go onto Purple Mash learning platform and complete maths activities.
Create your own maths board game (It can be like snakes and ladders) There are maths
games to play in your packs.

TopicLook on Purple Mash

– there are a lot of ‘To Dos’ linked to History, Geography and Science.Easter Egg Challenge:
Boil a hard- boiled egg . Create a scene from your favourite book, take a photo and send it to us.
(Use what you have at home)
Coco Chanel invented different fashion styles. Can you design your own outfit that you would
stand out in and explain why you have chosen the colours and style etc
Famous Artist – Le Corbusier created artwork using shapes. Can you create your own piece of art
using different shapes?
Read the Easter story or watch a film clip – create a comic strip of the Easter story.
Science- Have a go at the science experiments in the pack (if you have the materials.) Look at
purple mash activities.


Listen to the radio and different songs. Can you pick out the different instruments in the song?
Create your own song or rap. You could link this to times tables.
Log into Charanga Yumu- You will see lessons for Y3/4. Have a go at them. (You will have been
given a lesson by your teacher)

Platforms to use:
Google – Times table Rock stars
Cosmic kids – Have a go at Yoga !
Saxilby Standard Challenge:
Can you complete the 25 challenges to do at home that are not on
the screen? Send photos to your teacher to show what you are