July Home Learning – Shadows


My Shadow is Pink 

Go to http://www.viewpure.com/tEnOdHNQYV8?start=0&end=0

Watch the story of My Shadow is Pink

Have a chat with a friend or family member about the story.

What do you think the moral / message of the story is?

Can you tell us about your shadow?

Describe what your ‘shadow’ would be like?

How often do people see your real ‘shadow’?



Have a look at  Shadows

Complete a shadow survey. Go around your house looking out of each window. What shadows can you see on this hot day?

What is making the shadow? Take a photo of, or sketch 5 different shadows. Then, at 1 hour intervals go back and check the shadows twice more. Resketch or retake a photo – what is happening to the shadows?

Predict what the shadow will look like after lunch and at tea time- go and check to see if your prediction was accurate


Other ideas to keep you busy if you wish….

Shadow Puppets


Hand Shadow Puppets


How are shadows formed lesson – https://teachers.thenational.academy/lessons/how-are-shadows-formed-6wt66d

Science Light and Dark – KS2 https://classroom.thenational.academy/units/light-dark-250b


KS2 Art – Creating light, dark and shadows in pencil drawings http://www.viewpure.com/vMr6eimcolc?start=0&end=0







You can access online learning platforms by clicking on the links below: