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Our school is within the Saxilby with Ingleby Parish.

Saxilby (with Ingleby and Broxholme) is part of the Saxilby Group of Parishes which includes Kettlethorpe (with Fenton) and Newton-on-Trent . It currently operates in conjunction with the Stow Group of Parishes, which include Stow , Willingham by Stow , Coates and Torksey. Further information can be found at:

We enjoy very close links with our local community – not least of all St. Botolph’s Church. We also have very close links with Saxilby Methodist Church.

We visit the Church for our Collective Worship on a regular basis as well as for special occasions and celebrations.

We worship at the churches  at the end of each term and we often have visitors from the church into assemblies at school.