Mrs Catherine Stratton- Head Teacher


Mrs Alice Cowles- Deputy Head Teacher


School Administration Team

Mrs Charlotte Naylor- School Business Manager


Ms Deby Doran- Administration Assistant


Mrs Kerry Baker- Senior Administrator


Mr Tom King- Senior Administrator


Mrs Theresa Miller- Family Support Worker


Year 5/6 Team


Mrs Emma King- Year 5/6 Teacher, Year 5/6 Phase Leader


Mr Joe Albans- Year 6 Teacher


Mr Gary Otter- Year 5 Teacher



Mrs Diane Brickwood- Teaching Assistant


Mrs Hazel Goodrich- Teaching Assistant


Miss Melissa East- 1:1 Teaching Assistant



Mr Callum Harris- 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Miss Nicki Sneddon- 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Year 3/4 Team

Mrs Sarah Allen-  Year 4 Teacher, Year 3/4 Phase Leader

Miss Jenna Lawrance- Year 3 Teacher


Miss Emily Wilson- Year 3 Teacher


Mrs Jayne Nelson- 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Debbie Furnish- Teaching Assistant

Miss Leanne Davidson-Watt- 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Jo Turner- 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Miss Kayleigh Myhill- 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Year 1/2 Team


Mrs Jilly Hicks- SENCo and Year 2 Teacher


Miss Leah White- Year 1 Teacher


Miss Lauren Wilson- Year 2 Teacher


Miss Hannah Dray- Year 1 Teacher


Miss Samantha Watters- Year 1 Teacher



Miss Jess Orritt – Class Teacher


Mrs Jenny Wilkinson- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Helen Phelan- Teaching Assistant


Ms Mary Fisher – 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Sharron Briggs- 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Amy Penny –  Teaching Assistant

Early Years Foundation Stage Team

Mrs Laura Albans- EYFS Phase Leader and Reception Teacher


Mrs Caroline Broadwith- Reception Teacher


Mrs Katie Hollamby- Nursery Teacher


Mrs Marie-Claire Barwell- Teaching Assistant


Mrs Lisa Wardle- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Gemma Williams- 1:1 Teaching Assistant


Miss Amanda Armstrong- Teaching Assistant


Miss Ellie Eyre- 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisor Team

Mrs Nicky Smith- Senior Midday Controller


Miss Hayley Rhodes- Midday Supervisor

Miss Nicki Sneddon- Midday Supervisor


Miss Sophie Dews- Midday Supervisor


Miss Carrie Dalton- Midday Supervisor

Mrs Louise Overvoorde- Midday Supervisor



Mrs Johanna Schofield- Midday Supervisor


Miss Belinda Bartram- Midday Supervisor

Play Leader Team

Mr Rob Gray- Play Leader

Mrs Denise Leeder- Play Leader


Kids Club Team

Mrs Sam Ward- Joint Kids Club Leader

Miss Carrie Dalton- Kids Club Assistant


Mrs Becky Robinson-Footitt- Kids Club Assistant


Miss Melissa East- Kids Club Assistant


School Kitchen Team


Although the school kitchen is run via an outside company, the kitchen team are on site every day. Our school kitchen team is made up of Miss Melissa Chaloner, Mrs Siobhan Brennan and Miss Lauren Collinson and Sharon Nicholson.