We aim to educate for dignity and respect.

We also aim to educate dignity and respect, the basic principle of respect for the value and preciousness of each person, treating each person as a unique individual of inherent worth. Valuing the ultimate worth of each person is central to a good education at all levels, ages and stages. This includes meeting every child and adult at the place where they are, ensuring that they have their needs met, whatever they may be, with a vigilant focus on all aspects of safeguarding.

What might this look like for our children?

Everyone has something unique to bring to life at school. Therefore we try to establish a range of roles that can utilize and help develop the strengths of individuals. For example, we have a team of playleaders, a collective worship council, student council and head boy and head girl. These roles are shared across the year and offer a range of children an opportunity to take on a leadership role. 

We cater for a great range of needs as Saxilby. This great range of need has provided such great opportunity for the children in school – for example we have worked hard to improve our Makaton skills. 

We work hard to ensure children feel safe and secure. Our Something to Share system offers children a variety of ways to share concerns and celebrate success. 

What might this look like for our staff and governors?

Our coaching program is used to support adults develop and grow in their roles. We also provide external supervision for all of our staff. We ensure we access the correct support when our staff and governors are facing challenging times – this may be through the counselling service or through support form unions or the local authority legal team or local authority designated officer. We do not want anyone facing challenge alone. 

What might this look like for our wider community?

We have a passionate open door policy and support our families through challenging times, and celebrate alongside them in the good times. We are keen to know about wider family life and encourage a close partnership beyond the classroom.

We understand that life has its ups and downs, and times can be very, very challenging for some. For example, we have a very strong child protection and safeguarding culture in school. It is always a challenging time for families facing concerns regarding child protection or safety. When dealing with these concerns we also work hard to involve the family as much as possible (where we can), ensuring all voices are heard and represented. For example, the head teacher will try to ensure that a co-referral is made to social care, if required, with the school and the parent(s) making the call together.


This is our Dignity Newsletter




We have been exploring the very challenging concept of social justice

and the differences between social justice and charity. Jasper in Year 2

guided the way with wonderful, mature insight, suggesting ‘shouldn’t we

just change the fence’! The future is in Jasper’s hands.