This afternoon I have been carrying out pupil interviews. I have been asking the children how they think the school helps them develop outside of specific subject areas.

The feedback was amazing!

In Year 5 the children talked about
* Check-ins and Check-outs
* Restorative conversations when there are problems
* The emotion boards in the classroom and how teachers use these to help children explain how they are feeling
* adults ‘invest’ time in you
* “adults want to hear your voice and hear what you have to say”
* Using outside professionals such as Adele to support children
* “we are treated with respect by the adults”
* “adults stick up for you in school”

When I asked how did adults make them feel, one child said “we are definitely loved”.

One Year 5 child stated very clearly to me
“You want the very best standards for us” and they all agreed that their personal development and well being was more important to me than anything else.

We will continue tomorrow…..

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