Here at Saxilby Church of England Primary School we are incredibly proud of our church school distinctiveness. We take great pride in believing that every single member of our school community, the children, the parents, the staff and the wider community all have a wonderful uniqueness with intrinsic value. As a church school we see this as being made in the image of God,  but we also see this as everybody having a special and unique worth, role and purpose to play in the life of our wonderful school and our wider community.

Our mission statement Act, Believe, Succeed summarises our drive, commitment and belief that when we believe in our wonderful uniqueness and act through living out our four pillars, we will individually and collectively succeed as a positive and purposeful community.

Our vision states

Within our church school family, everyone will be empowered to live with wisdom dignity and hope, flourishing in the fullness of life and leading a positive and purposeful role in an ever-changing global community.

Our vision is our hopeful future for every single member of our school family. We aim to live this vision for every child and every adult we encounter.

Everything we do here at Saxilby is built on our four pillars of hope, community, dignity and wisdom.


These four pillars form our overriding school aims